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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2003Anthropometric and physiological traits-age changes among thye Oraon agricultural labourers of the Jalpaiguri distrct, Northern West Bengal IndiaRoy, Subrata K; Pal, Baidyanath
1990Anthropometric variation in IndiaMajumder, Partha P; Shankar, B Uma; Basu, Amitabha; Malhotra, K C; Gupta, R; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Vijayakumar, M; Roy, Subrata K
1995Comparative study of physiological and anthropometric characteristics of high and low productivity workers in Northern West Bengal. IndiaRoy, Subrata K
1990The concept and the method of anthrometric somatotype with an example from Oraon tea garden labourers of Jalpaiguri district, West BengalRoy, Subrata K
1990The concept and the method of anthrometric somatotype with an example from the Oraon tea garden labourers of Jalpaiguri district, West BengalRoy, Subrata K
Sep-2005Effect of skill on work productivity and physical body dimensions of the oraon tea garden laboures of the Jalpaiguri district ,West Bengal, IndiaRoy, Subrata K; Mazumder, Arupendra; Kar, Sujata
1986Effects of altitude, ethnicity-religion, geographical distance and occupation on adult anthropometric characters of eastern himalayan populationsMajumder, Partha P; Gupta, R; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Roy, Subrata K; Masali, M; Sloan, A W; Basu, Amitabha
2002Factors affecting the work productivity of Oraon agricultural laborers of Jalpaiguri district, West BengalRoy, Subrata K
2001Factors influencing back strength of and the changes due toRoy, Subrata K; Pal, Baidyanath
1987Food practices in contrasting populations : an anthropological study of the SherpasBasu, Amitabha; Mukhopadhyay, S; Majumder, P; Roy, Subrata K; Mukhopadhyay, Barun; Bharati, P; Gupta, R
1988Genetic studies among the sedentes and migrant oraons of eastern IndiaSaha, N; Tay, J S H; Piplai, C; Gupta, R; Roy, Subrata K
2000Land labourer relationship and effect on the working efficiency-Anthropometry and health traits on the oraon agricultural workers of jalpaiguri district of west BengalRoy, Subrata K; Pal, Baidyanath
2004Method fo0r estimating body weight in persons with lower limb amputation and its amplication for their nutritional assesmentMajumder, Arupendra; Roy, Subrata K
1999A note on age changes in anthropometric characters among the tea garden labourers of Northern West BengalRoy, Subrata K
Jun-1998Smoking status and its effect on cardiorespiratory system, body dimension and plucking performance of Oraron tea garden labourersRoy, Subrata K
Sep-2008Somatotype of the individuals with lower extremity amputation and its association with cardiovascular riskMazumder, Arupendra; Roy, Subrata K
Oct-2006Validity of an alternative anthropometric trait as cardiovascular diseases risk factor: example from individuals with traumatic lower extremity amputationMozumdar, A; Roy, Subrata K
1997Variation of havitual of physical activity of the Oraon agricultural labourers of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal : Age differencesRoy, Subrata K; Pal, Baidyanath
1988Weekly variation in work output of pluckers in tea gardens in northern west bengalRoy, Subrata K; Majumder, Partha P