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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Allelic imbalance at chromosome 11 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in an indian patient populationMondol, G; Tripathi, A; Bhattacharya, N; Sikdar, N; Roy, A; Sengupta, A; Roy, B; Panda, C K; Roychoudhury, S
1996Effect of time varying cross diffusivity in a two spaces Lotka-volterra competitive systemRoychoudhury, S; Sinha, D K; Chattopadhyay, J
2003Ethnic India : a genomic view, with special reference to peopling and structureBasu, A; Mukherjee, Namita; Roy, S; Sengupta, S; Baneerjee, S; Chakraborty, Madan; Dey, Badal; Roy, Monami; Roy, B; Bhattacharya, N P; Roychoudhury, S; Majumder, Partha P
2000Fundamental genomic unity of ethnic india is revealed by analysis of mitochondrial DNARoychoudhury, S; Roy, S; Dey, Badal; Chakraborty, Madan; Roy, Monami; Prabhakaran, A; Ramesh, B; Usha Rani, M V; Vishwanathan, H
2001Genomic structure and population histories of linguistically distinct tribal groups of IndiaRoychoudhury, S; Roy, S; Basu, A; Banerjee, R; Vishwanathan, H; Usha Rani, M V; Sil, Samir K; Mitra, M; Majumder, Partha P
2001Haplotype analysis of genomic polymorphisms in and around the myotonic dystrophy locus in diverse populations of IndiaBasu, P; Majumder, Partha P; Roychoudhury, S; Bhattacharya, N P
2001Microsatellite instability in squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck from the Indian populationChakraborti, S; Dasgupta, S; Roy, S; Bhar, A; Sengupta, A; Roy, A; Ray, K; Bhattacharya, N P; Roy, B; Panda, C K; Roychoudhury, S
1999Negligible male gene flow across ethinic boundaries India revealed by Y chromosomal DNA polymorphismBhattacharya, N P; Basu, P; Das, M; Paramanik, S; Banerjee, R; Roy, B; Roychoudhury, S; Majumder, Partha P