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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An alternative gaussian window approach for fIR filter designSarkar, S; Karmakar, S; Ghosh, Kuntal; Sen, S K
2006Basic theory in construction of boolean functions with maximum possible annihilator immunityDalai, Deepak Kumar; Maitra, Subhamoy; Sarkar, S
2007A bio-inspired interpolation kernel for medical image processing implemented on DSP processorSarkar, S; Ghosh, Kuntal; Bhaumik, K
1995Comparisons of the blended weight hellinger distance based goodness of fit tests in small samplesSkin, D M; Basu, A; Sarkar, S
1993Computing the shape of a point set in digital imagesParui, S K; Sarkar, S; Chaudhuri, B B
2007Construction of rotation symmetric boolean function on odd number of variables with maximum algebric immunitySarkar, S; Maitra, Subhamoy
2008A generalized design of maxican hat and other even order hermitian wavelets in gaussian scale spaceKarmakar, S; Ghosh, Kuntal; Sarkar, S
1997Minimum negative exponential disparity estimation in parametric modelsBasu, A; Sarkar, S; Vidyasagar, A N
1995On disparity based robust tests for two discrete populationsSarkar, S; Basu, A
Nov-2005Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in two tribal populations of the sub-Himalayan region of India : ethnic and rural-urban differencesSarkar, S; Das, M; Mukhopadhyay, B; Chakraborty, C Sekhar; Majumder, Partha P
1997Robust estimation in the errors in variables models via weighted likelihood estimating equationsBasu, A; Sarkar, S
2006Robust inference in parametric models using the family of generalized negative exponential disparitiesBhandari, Subir Kumar; Basu, A; Sarkar, S
1985Testable design of RMC networks with at and bridging faultsBhattacharya, Bhargab B; Gupta, B; Sarkar, S; Choudhury, A K