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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1986Bounded risk estimation of a finite population mean : optimal strategiesMukhopadhyay, Nitis; Sen, Pranab Kumar; Sinha, B K
1973Chernoff-savage representation of rank order statistics for stationary ΓΈ-mixingSen, Pranab Kumar; Ghosh, Malay
1973A law of iterated logarithm for one sample rank order statistics and applicationSen, Pranab Kumar; Ghosh, Malay
1969Nonparametric tests for the multisample multivariate location problemChatterjee, Shoutir Kishore; Sen, Pranab Kumar
1989On averaging over distinct units in sampling with replacementSinha, B K; Sen, Pranab Kumar
1972On bounded length confidence interval for the regression coefficient based on a class of rank statisticsGhosh, Malay; Sen, Pranab Kumar
1971On bounded length sequential confidence intervals based on one-sample rank order statisticsSen, Pranab Kumar; Ghosh, Malay
1991On characterizations of Pitman closeness of some shrinkage estimatorsSen, Pranab Kumar; Sengupta, Debapriya
1972On strong convergence of regression rank statisticsSen, Pranab Kumar; Ghosh, Malay
1969Rank methods for combination of independent experiments in multivariate analysis of varianceSen, Pranab Kumar
1994Second order pitman closeness and pitman admissibilityGhosh, J K; Sen, Pranab Kumar; Mukerjee, Rahul
1991Shrinkage estimation in a restricted parameter spaceSengupta, Debapriya; Sen, Pranab Kumar
1982A unified way of deriving LMP rank tests from censored dataBasu, A P; Ghosh, J K; Sen, Pranab Kumar