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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1986Bounded risk estimation of a finite population mean : optimal strategiesMukhopadhyay, Nitis; Sen, Pranab Kumar; Sinha, B K
1990Coherent mixtures of srswor sampling for bounded risk estimation of a finite population meanSengupta, S; Sinha, B K
2000Comparision of test vs. control treatments using distance optimality criterionSinha, B K; Shah, K R; Mandal, N K
2006Design issues for generalized linear models : a reviewKhuri, Andre; Mukherjee, B; Sinha, B K; Ghosh, Malay
1992E-optimal minimally connected block designs undermixed effects modelMukerjee, R; Shah, K R; Sinha, B K
1999Evolution of statistics in indiaGhosh, J K; Maiti, Pradip; Rao, T J; Sinha, B K
1979Generating an event with probability ρ(to the power α),α> 0Banerjee, P K; Sinha, B K
2006Improved bounds for group testing designsRao, P S S N V P; Rao, S B; Sinha, B K
1986Linear invariance and admissibility in sampling finite populationsSinha, B K; Pantula, Sastry G
1977Multivariate power series distributions and neyman's properties for multinomialsGhosh, J K; Sinha, B K; Sinha, Bimal Kumar
1990Non-additive linear models: estimability and efficient estimations of interactionSinha, B K; Saharay, Rita; Mukhopadhyay, Anis C
1982A note on the universal optimality criterion for full rank modelsSinha, B K; Mukerjee, Rahul
1989On averaging over distinct units in sampling with replacementSinha, B K; Sen, Pranab Kumar
1982On complete classes of experiments for certain invariant problems of linear inferenceSinha, B K
Jun-2003On some aspects of data integration techniques with environmental applicationsSinha, B K; Shah, K R
1985On the equivalence of two approaches to simplicity in the analysis of block designs and some related resultsSinha, B K; Saha, G M
2000Optimal allocation of observations under constrained supervisionSinha, B K; Sinha, Bimal Kumar
1995Optimal block designs revisited : an approximate theory detourPakelsheim, F; Sinha, B K
2000Optimal design for designs for designs for binary data under logistic regressionSinha, B K; Thomas, Mathew
2006Optimal Sn factorial designs when observations within-blocks are correlatedSethuraman, Venkat S; Raghavarao, Damaraju; Sinha, B K