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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2003Channel assignment using genetic algorithm based on geometric symmetryGhosh, Sasthi C; Sinha, Bhabani P
2006Coalesced CAP : an improved technique for frequency assignment in cellular networksGhosh, S C; Sinha, Bhabani P; Das, Nabanita
Nov-2006Efficient algorithm for placing a given number of base stations to cover a convex regionDas, Gautam K; Das, Sandip; Nandy, Subhas C; Sinha, Bhabani P
Oct-1997An efficient sorting algorithm on the multimesh networkDe, Mallika; Das, Debashis; Ghosh, Mabhin; Sinha, Bhabani P
1997A family of network topologies with multiple loops and logarithmic diameterSengupta, S; Das, R K; Mukhopadhyay, Krishnendu; Sinha, Bhabani P
Feb-1995Fast parallel algorithm for polynomial interpolationJana, P K; Sinha, Bhabani P
May-1994Fast parallel algorithm for ternary multiplication using multivalued IL technologyDe, Mallika; Sinha, Bhabani P
1994Fast Parallel algorithm for ternary multiplication using multivariate I L technologyDe, Mallika; Sinha, Bhabani P
1989fast parallel algorithms for binary multiplication and their implementation on systolic architectureSinha, Bhabani P; Srimani, Pradip K
Feb-1998Fast parallel algorithms for Graeffe's root squaring techniqueJana, P K; Sinha, Bhabani P
Dec-1995Fault-tolerant routing in distributed loop networksMukhopadhyaya, Krishnendu; Sinha, Bhabani P
Nov-1992Hamiltonian graphs with minimum no of edges for fault-tolerant topologiesMukhopadhyaya, Krishnendu; Sinha, Bhabani P
1994Implementation of four common function on an LNS co processorDas, Debashis; Mukhopadhayay, K; Sinha, Bhabani P
2003A new approach to efficient channel assignment for hexagonal cellular networksGhosh, Sasthi C; Sinha, Bhabani P; Das, Nabanita
Jul-2001A new architecture and a new metric for lightwave networksSen, Arunabha; Bandyopadhyay, Subir; Sinha, Bhabani P
1994A new family of bridges and twisted hypercubesDas, R K; Mukhopadhayay, K; Sinha, Bhabani P
1999A new network topology with multiple meshesDas, Debashis; De, Mallika; Sinha, Bhabani P
Nov-1996A new topology with odd degree for multiprocessor systemsDas, R K; Sinha, Bhabani P
1977Non-real-time realization of any finite state sequential machine using a single shift-registerSrimani, Pradip K; Sinha, Bhabani P; Chaudhuri, Arun K
1985On the numerical complexity of short-circuit faults in logic networkSinha, Bhabani P; Bhattacharya, Bhargab B