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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1960An analogue of the Wiener-Tauberian theorem for spherical transforms on semi simple lie groupsSitaram, Alladi
1988Functions and their fourier transforms with supports of finite measure for certain locally compact groupsPrice, John F; Sitaram, Alladi
2000Hardy's uncertainity principle on semisimple lie groupCowling, M; Sitaram, Alladi; Sundari, M
2006The Helgason fourier transform for semisimple lie gorup I : the case of SL(2,R)Sarkar, Rudra P; Sitaram, Alladi
2004The Helgason-Fourier transform for symmetric spaces IISarkar, Rudra P; Mohanty, P; Ray, S K; Sitaram, Alladi
2000Injectivity sets for spherical means on R and on symmetric spacesRawat, Rama; Sitaram, Alladi
1988Local uncertainty inequalities for locally compact groupsSitaram, Alladi; Price, J
1988A qualitative uncertainty principle for semisimple lie groupsCowling, Michael; Sitaram, Alladi; Price, John F
2000Some questions on integral geometry on riemannian manifoldsPati, Vishwambhar; Sitaram, Alladi
2000Some questions on integral geometry on riemaunian manifoldsPati, Vishwambhar; Sitaram, Alladi
Jan-1985Some remarks on homeomorphisms of compact lie groupsBagchi, S C; Sitaram, Alladi
1988Some remarks on the pompeiu problem for groupsScott, David; Sitaram, Alladi
1997The uncertainty principle : a mathematical surveyFolland, G B; Sitaram, Alladi
1996An uncertainty principle for eigenfunction expansionsPati, Vishwambhar; Sitaram, Alladi; Sundari, M; Thangavelu, S
May-1995Uncertainty principles on certain lie groupsSitaram, Alladi; Sundari, M; Thangavelu, S