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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1971Investment: depth classification version of CCNeelameghan, A
1967Invoking the help of the subject- specialistNeelameghan, A; Gopinath, M A
1969An IPPS sampling scheme using Lahiris method of selectionSankaranarayana, K
1978Is the maximum likelihood estimate of the common mean of several normal populations admissibleSinha, Bimal Kumar
2006ISITRA:a generalized way of signal decomposition and reconstructionSingh, Yumnam Kirani; Parui, S K
Mar-2004Islam in Bengal : formative periodDasgupta, Atis
2000Isomorph redundancy in sequential circuitsDas, Debesh K; Bhattacharya, Uttam K; Bhattacharya, Bhargab B
1983Isomorphic subgraphs having minimal intersectionsMullin, R C; Schellenberg, Paul J; Roy, Bimal Kumar
1965The isomorphism between graphs and their adjoint graphsMenon, V V
Jul-2008Isomorphism of schwartz spaces under fourier transformJana, Joydip
26-Aug-2002Isospectral partners of a complex PT-invariant potentialSinhaa, Anjana; Roychoudhury, Rajkumar
1997Isotonic maximum likelihood estimation for the change point of a hazard rateJoshi, S N; Maceachern, Steven N
2006Isotropic C1-immersions in a pseudo-riemannian manifoldAmbra, Giuseppina D; Datta, Mahuya
Dec-2005Issues in metadata crosswalks: a case study of qualified dublin core and ONIXSeth, Renu; Prasad, A R D; Madalli, Devika P
1964Item analysis by probit and fractile graphical methodsDas, Rhea S
2007Item count techniques in estimating the proportion of people with a sensitive featureChaudhuri, Arijit; Christofides, T C
1981An iterative algorithm for testing two-asummability of boolen functionPal, Ajit
Sep-1997Iterative function system and genetic algorithm-based EEG compressionMitra, S K; Sarbadhikari, S N
2004The iteratively reweighted estimating equation in minimum distance problemsBasu, A; Lindsay, Bruce G
1959Izuchenic problem industrializatii slaborazvitikh stranMahalanobis, P C