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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Affine and projective active contour modelsMukherjee, Dipti Prasad; Acton, Scott T
1988Age and ethnic variation of Haemoglobin levels four endogamousMukherjee, B N; Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra
1934Age distribution in secondary schools in the United provincesChakravarti, Khagendra Nath
1964Age of documentationRanganathan, S R; Gopinath, M A
1950Age tables based on the Y-samplesMahalanobis, P C
2005Age trends of sibling resemblance for height, weight and BMI during growth in a mixed longitudinal sample from Sarsuna-Barisha , IndiaRebato, E; Salces, I; Saha, R; Sinha, M; Susanne, C; Houspie, R C; Dasgupta, P
1934Age variation of scores in a group test of intelligence in BengaliMahalanobis, P C
1964Age-related trends in the blood chemistry and hematology of the Indian carp(catla catla)Das, B C
1963Age-specific probability distributions of annual mortalityDas, B C
Nov-1946Agenda for second conference on accuracy and precision of chemical analysisShewhart, W A
1973Agglomerate basic subjectNeelameghan, A
May-2004Aggregation in area yield crop insurance : the linear additive modelRamaswami, Bharat; Roe, Terry l
2008Aggregation pheromone density based data clusteringGhosh, A; Halder, A; Kothari, M; Ghosh, S
2009Aggregation pheromone density based pattern classificationHalder, A; Ghosh, A; Ghosh, S
Aug-1981Aggression and hypoglycemia in the AndesLewellen, Ted C
1983Agrarian moblisations and social change : gandhian and left perspectiveMukherji, Partha Nath
1984Agrarian relations in a north Bengal peasant movement belt : historical evolutionChattopadhyay, Manabendu; Chatterjee, Arun Kumar
Sep-1992Agrarian structure, contradiction and mobilization : a framework for the analysis of emerging rural powerMukherji, Partha Nath; Sahoo, Bhupati B
1945Agricultural co-operation in Bengal and rest of British India (1918-19 to 1938-39)Ghose, Tariniprosad; Sinha, Harish Chandra
1967Agricultural development in five developing countries-a comparitive studyLahiri, R K