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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Rough-Fuzzy clutering for grouping functionally similar genes from microarray dataMaji, Pradipta; Sushmita, Paul
2006Rough-fuzzy collaborative clusteringMitra, Sushmita; Banka, Haider; Pedrycz, Witold
Feb-2003Rough-Fuzzy MLP: modular evolution, rule generation, and evaluationPal, Sankar K; Mitra, Sushmita; Mitra, Pabitra
2011Rough-wavelet granular space and classification of multispectral remote sensing imageMeher, Saroj K; Pal, Sankar K
1996Roughness of a fuzzy setBanerjee, M; Pal, Sankar K
Jan-2000Routing algorithms for channels,switchiboxed and MCM's in VLSI layout designDas, Sandip
1967Royal society conference on commonwealth scientistsMahalanobis, P C
2007The RSA public key cryptography, its implementation issues and analysis of the possible attacks against the sameBhattacharyya, Arijit
1992Rule based Sandhi Bicched (de-euphonization) of bengaliPanda, Hemanta Ranjan
23-Mar-2015Rule-based clear-text recognizer for English languageGaba, Navneet; Saxena, P K
2007Rules for synthesizing quantum boolean circuits using minimized nearest-neighbour templatesChakrabarti, Arijit; Sur Kolay, Susmita
1991Run orders of trend resistant 2-level factorial designsJacroux, Michael; Saha Ray, Rita
2002Rural banking and landless labour households : institutional reform and rural credit markets in IndiaSwaminathan, Madhura; Ramachandran, V K
1950Rural indebtedness enquiry, 1946-47 West bengalMahalanobis, P C
Nov-1991Rural labour markets and seasonality:A theoretical and empirical analysisMukherjee, Anindita
1987Rural poverty and agrarian reformsMukherjee, Partha N
1990Rural poverty and its alleviation in India: a critical serutinyJain, L R; Tendulkar, Suresh D
2008Rural unemployment 1990-2005:Who gained, who lost?Mukhopadhyay, Abhiroop; Rajaraman, Indira
1988Rural works programs in India-costs and benefitsNarayana, N S S; Parikh, Kirit S; Srinivasan, T N
1990The Russo-Seymour-welsh theorem and equality of the critical densities and the dual critical densities for continuum percolation on R2Roy, Rahul