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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Web surfer models:Preprocessing,page ranking and quantitative evaluationBhamidipati, Narayan L
1968Weekly stable families of transformationsNatarajan, S
1988Weekly variation in work output of pluckers in tea gardens in northern west bengalRoy, Subrata K; Majumder, Partha P
2008Weighted broadcast range assignment in linear radio networksas, Gautam K; Nandy, Subhas C
1998Weighted likelihood equations with bootstrap root searchMarkatou, Marianthi; Basu, A; Lindsay, Bruce G
1997Weighted likelihood estimation equations : the discrete case with applications to logistic regressionBasu, A; Markatou, Marianthi; Lindsay, Bruce G
1992The weighted majority gameGeol, Rajiv
1997Weighted moore-penrose inverse of a boolean matrixBapat, R B; Jain, S K; Pati, S
2012A weighted power framework for integrating multi-source information : gene function prediction in yeastRay, Shubhra Sankar; Bandyopadhyay, Sanghamitra; Pal, Sankar K
2004Welfare indicators : a review and new perspectives it : measurement of poverty, metronChakravarty, S R; Muliere, Pietro
2003Welfare indicators:a review and new perspectives,measurement of inequalityChakravarty, S R; Muliere, Pietro
2005The welfare state, thresholds, and economic growthGhate, Chetan; Fic, Tatiana
2004What can we learn from cultural group selection and co-evolutionary models?Somanathan, E; Sethi, Rajiv
23-Mar-2015What help classification techniques can provide to a CryptanalystKant, Shri
7-Mar-2007What is information engineering?Brady, Michael
1949What is life?Haldane, J B S
May-2006Wheat and chickpeaintercroppingsystems in an additive series experiment: Advantages and weed smotheringBanik, Pabitra; Midya, A; Ghose, S S; Sarkar, B K
Jun-1929When must a thing be left to chance?Shewhart, W A
1990Where is the industrial retardation?Chakrabarti, S; Rudra, Ashok
23-Jan-2017Where to place oneself within the Universality of ScienceValiant, Leslie Gabriel