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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985White noise calculus and nonlinear filtering theoryKallianpur, G; Karandikar, Rajeeva L
1994White noise theory of robust nonlinear filtering with correlated state and observation noiseBagchi, Arunabh; Karandikar, Rajeeva L
2002Whittle type inequality for demisubmartingalesRao, B L S P
Jul-2008Whole time domestic child labor in metropolitan city of KolkataBanerjee, S R; Bharati, P; Vasulu, T S; Chakrabarty, S; Banerjee, Priyodorshi
2008Why did veeru always and inzamam often lose the toss?Padmawar, V R
1968Why discontinue the NSS crop surveyNaqui, S; Pillai, S B; Saha, R P
1971Why Fibonacci sequence for palm leaf spirals?Davis, T Antony
24-Mar-2015Why reproduction is difficult at high altitude?Bangham, C R M
1950Why statistics?Mahalanobis, P C
1999The wiener hopf solution of a class of mixed boundary value problems arising in surface water wave phenomenaKanoria, Mridula; Mandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
1997Wiener tauberian theorems on semisimple lie groupSarkar, Rudra P
1987Wigner-weisskopf atom and quantum stochastic dilationsSinha, Kalyan B
2002Will all southern countries extend patent protection to northern innovationsKabiraj, Tarun; Banerjee, Kuntal
1999Will the real Iris data please stand up?Bezdek, James C; Keller, James M; Krishnapuram, R; Kuncheva, Ludmila I; Pal, N R
2017Windmill power management using online and active learning approachSeal, Sankarsan
2007Window based scalar multiplication on elliptic curve using multi-base number systemPandey, Sumit Kumar
1999Winning back the customer's confidence : a case study on the application of design of experiments to an injection-molding processMahesha, C; Acharya, U H
2007Winning strategies for pseudo telepathy games using single non local boxKunkri, Samir; Kar, G; Ghosh, S; Roy, A
15-Jan-2016With work we need to continue our hobbyNegishi, Ei-ichi
Apr-1980Without an analytical frameChakrabarti, S K