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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993E-optimal block and row-column designs with unequal number of replicatesDas, Ashish
1992E-optimal block designs under heteroscedastic modelDas, Ashish
1992E-optimal minimally connected block designs undermixed effects modelMukerjee, R; Shah, K R; Sinha, B K
1998E-optimal stopping time for genetic algorithmsMurthy, C A; Bhandari, Dinabandhu; Pal, Sankar K
2001Early archaean continental crust in thje eastern ghats granulite belt isotopic evidence from a charnockite suiteBhattacharya, S; Kar, Rajib; Misra, S; Texeiva, W
Apr-1986Early trends of anti-colonial peasant resistance in BengalDasgupta, Atis
Oct-1996Eastern Ghats granulites terrain of India: an overviewBhattacharya, S
2006An ecological study of a marine plankton community based on the field data collected from Bay of BengalSarkar, Ram Rup; Petrovskii, S V; Biswas, M; Gupta, A; Chottopadhyay, J
1982Ecology of a pastoral caste: Gavli Dhangars of Peninsular IndiaGadgil, Madhav; Malhotra, K C
Jul-1997An econometric model of exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbonPal, M; Maiti, Pradip
1969Econometric study of monthly consumption expenditures in rural Uttar PradeshTendulkar, Suresh D
2003Econometrics of yeild spreads in the money market:a noteBhaumik, S K; Coondoo, Dipankor
1940Economic and business statistics in IndiaSinha, Harish Chandra
2005Economic and environmental impacts of pollution control regulation on small industriesChakrabarti, Snigdha; Mitra, Nita
Mar-1928Economic aspects of engineering applications of statistical methodsShewhart, W A
1950Economic classification of agricultural regions in BengalGhosh, A
1931Economic control of quality of manufactured productShewhart, W A
1960Economic development of Afro-Asian countriesMahalanobis, P C
30-Dec-1975Economic growth and population : perspectives of the “New home economics"Nerlove, Marc
1998Economic growth and regional divergence in indiaGhosh, Buddhadeb; Marjit, Sugata; Neogi, Chiranjib