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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009F-information measures for efficient selection of discriminative genes from microarray dataMaji, Pradipta
2004Face detection in color imagesRoy Chowdhury, Swarup
2010Face detection in color imagesReddy, B Vishnuvardhan
2009Face recognition under partial occlusionGhorai, Mrinmoy
2008Face recognition using facial landmarksNagamalla, Srinivas
2010Face verification in videos: set estimation and class specific thresholdsMurthy, C A; Datta, M
1963Facet sequence and the law of parameter (Depth Classification,50)Ranganathan, S R; Neelameghan, A; Desai, A R
Nov-1981Facial characterizations of complex lindenstrauss spacesEllis, A J; Rao, T S S R K; Roy, A K; Uttersrud, U
2015Facility location on spherical surfacesDev, Subhadeep R
1958A factor analysis of examination marksMitra, Shib Kumar
1988A factor analytic study of aptitude, interest and academic acheivementGhosh, Anjali; Gupta, Rumki
1973Factor price equalization theorem in linear programmingMaiti, Pradip
1968Factor study of an aptitude test battery used for differential predictionChatterji, S; Mukherjee, Manjula
1961A factorial approach to constructions of true cost of living index and its application in studies of changes in national incomeBanerjee, K S
2002Factors affecting the work productivity of Oraon agricultural laborers of Jalpaiguri district, West BengalRoy, Subrata K
2001Factors influencing back strength of and the changes due toRoy, Subrata K; Pal, Baidyanath
2006Factors underlying marks in madhyamik examination of West BengalGupta, Rumki
Oct-1992Falling agricultural investment and its concequencesKumar, A Ganesh
1977Falling tendency of the rate of profit in Indian manufacturing industriesChattopadhyay, Suhas
1945Familial correlations or the multivariate generalizations of the intraclass correlationsRao, C Radhakrishna