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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990L(X,C(K) as a dual spaceRao, T S S R K
Aug-1999L1(μ, X) as a constrained subspace of its bidualRao, T S S R K
1962Labor force measurement from Indian census dataSarkar, B N
2002Labour income and risky investmentsRamamurtie, B S; Ramaswami, Bharat; Andersson, H
1960Labour problems in a mixed economy.Mahalanobis, P C
1987Labour, land and rice production: women's involvement in three statesSaradamoni, K
1962A laguerre series approximation to the sampling distribution of the varianceRoy, Jogabrata; Tiku, M L
2006Land cover classification using fuzzy rules and aggregation of contextual information through evidence theoryLaha, Arijit; Pal, N R; Das, Jyotirmay
2000Land labourer relationship and effect on the working efficiency-Anthropometry and health traits on the oraon agricultural workers of jalpaiguri district of west BengalRoy, Subrata K; Pal, Baidyanath
2006Land reform in VenezuelaRamachandran, V K
1973Land utilisation surveys through household interviews and a study of the pattern of seasonal utilisationsSengupta, J M
1984Land, labour and credit relatitionsChattopadhyay, Manabendu; Bhattacharya, Ruma
1997Large amplitude waves in temperature dusty plasmaRoychoudhury, Rajkumar; Mukherjee, Soma
1999Large deviations inequalities for the maximum likelihood estimator and the bayes estimators in nonlinear stochastic differential equationsBishwal, J P N
2013Large scale hierarchical text classificationSaha, Sourab
2003Largest empty rectangle among a point setChaudhuri, J; Nandy, Subhas C; Das, S
2003Largest empty rectangle amopng a point setChaudhuri, J; Nandy, Subhas C; Das, Sandip
2001Last passage times of minimum contrast estimatorsBose, Arup; Chatterjee, Snigdhansu
1971Lathe production : depth classification version of CCGopinath, M A
1973A law of iterated logarithm for one sample rank order statistics and applicationSen, Pranab Kumar; Ghosh, Malay