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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A q-analogue of the distance matrix of a treeBapat, R B; Lal, A K; Pati, S
Mar-1993The Q-binomial theorem and spectral symmetryBhatia, Rajendra; Elsner, Ludwig
2007Quadratic factors of f(X)-g(Y)Kulkami, Manisha; Muller, Peter; Sury, B
1997Qualitative analysis of dynamical systemsPati, Devi Prasad
1990Qualitative dermatoglyphic affinities between the migrant groups of fishermen of puri coast,orissaReddy, B Mohan
Dec-2007Qualitative finger and palmar dermatoglyphics : sexual dimorphism in the Chuvashian population in RussiaKarmakar, B; Yakovenko, K; Kobyliansky, E
1988A qualitative uncertainty principle for semisimple lie groupsCowling, Michael; Sitaram, Alladi; Price, John F
11-Dec-1935Quality assuranceShewhart, W A
Oct-1927Quality ControlShewhart, W A
May-1945Quality control by statistical methodsShewhart, W A
Oct-1926Quality control chartsShewhart, W A
1967Quality control for economic growthMahalanobis, P C
16-Oct-1941Quality control in industryShewhart, W A
2003Quality improvement by reducing variation : a case studyPerumallu, P K; Gijo, E V
2000Quality improvement through design of experiments : a case studyRaghavan, R; Gijo, E V; Chowdhury, Kalyan Kumar
1990Quantam stochastic flows with infinite degrees of freedom and countable state Markov processesMohari, A; Sinha, Kalyan B
1970Quantification and social research : a trend analysisChakrabarti, Prafulla
Jun-1986Quantitative analysis of poverty,inequality and consumer behaviour:The case of the schedule casts and tribes of KarnatakaRaghuprasad, Shailaja
18-Mar-2015Quantitative analysis of the recall-precision relationship in information retrievalEgghe, L
2000Quantitative dermatoglyphics and population structure in Northwest IndiaReddy, B Mohan; Chopra, Virendra P; Karmakar, B; Malhotra, K C; Mueller, Hermann