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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Waged labour arrangements in West BengalChattopadhyay, M
1993Walrasian theory without on auctioneer : a study of monetary exchange through trading posts and a diagrammatic view of disequilibriaRajeev, Meenakshi
1948Walter A Shewhart and statistical quality control in IndiaMahalanobis, P C
Jun-1999Walter Kohn nobel prize in chemistry in 1998Majumder, C K
1995Water quality analysis : a pattern recognition approachMukherjee, D P; Pal, A; Sarma, S Eswara; Dutta Majumdar, D
Jun-2004Water quality monitoring of tropical ponds : location and depth effect in two case studiesMukhopadhyay, Gautam; Mondal, Debasis; Biswas, Pinaki; Dewanji, Anjana
2006Water solublization capacity of mixed reverse micelles : effect of surfactant component the nature of oil and electrolyte concentrationPaul, Bidyut K; Mitra, Rajib K
2007Water wave diffraction by a surface stripGayen, Rupanwita; Mandal, B N; Chakrabarti, Arijit
Apr-2006Water wave scattering by bottom undulations in the presence of a thin partially immersed barrierMandal, B N; Gayen, Rupanwita
1999Water wave scattering by thick vertical barriersMandal, B N; Kanoria, Mridula; Dolai, Prity
2007Water wave scattering by two partially immersed barriers-an alternative method of solutionDe, S; Mandal, B N
2005Water wave scattering by two partially immersed nearly vertical barriersDe, S; Gayen, Rupanwita; Mandal, B N
1999Water wave scattering submerged thick wall with a gapMandal, B N; Kanoria, Mridula
1989Water waves generated at an inertial surface by an axisymmetric initial surface disturbanceMukherjee, S; Mandal, B N
2005Water waves generated by disturbances at an ice coverMandal, B N; Maiti, Pradip
2002Water waves scattering by a submerged circular arc shaped plateKanoria, Mridula; Mandal, B N
2010Water-wave scattering by vast fields of bodiesPeter, Malte A; Meylan, Michael H
Oct-2007Wave scattering by a horizontal circular cylinder in a two-layer fluid with an ice-coverDas, Dilip; Mandal, B N
2003A waveguide problem invoving a thick irsi in the theory of electromagnetismChakrabarti, Arijit; Kanoria, Mridula; Mandal, B N
Jul-2014Wavelet analysis on local fields of positive characteristicJahan, Quiser