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dc.contributor.authorRadha, V-
dc.contributor.authorVimaleswaran, K S-
dc.contributor.authorBabu, H N-
dc.contributor.authorAbate, N-
dc.contributor.authorChandalia, M-
dc.contributor.authorSatija, P-
dc.contributor.authorGrundy, S M-
dc.contributor.authorGhosh, S-
dc.contributor.authorMajumder, Partha P-
dc.contributor.authorDeepa, R-
dc.contributor.authorRao, S M-
dc.contributor.authorMohan, V-
dc.identifier.citationDiabetes care,V29,P1046-1051en_US
dc.subjectGenetic polymorphismen_US
dc.subjectProliferator activateden_US
dc.titleRole of genetic polymorphism peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-(gamma)2 pro12Ala on ethnic susceptibility to diabetes in south asian and caucasian subjects:evidence for heterogeneityen_US
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