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dc.contributor.authorDeka, R-
dc.contributor.authorMajumder, Partha P-
dc.contributor.authorShriver, M D-
dc.contributor.authorStivers, D N-
dc.contributor.authorZhong, Y-
dc.contributor.authorYu, L M-
dc.contributor.authorBarrantes, R-
dc.contributor.authorYin, S J-
dc.contributor.authorMiki, T-
dc.contributor.authorHundrieser, J-
dc.contributor.authorBunker, C H-
dc.contributor.authorMcGarvey, S T-
dc.contributor.authorSakallah, S-
dc.contributor.authorFerrell, R E-
dc.contributor.authorChakraborty, Ranajit-
dc.identifier.citationGenome Research,v.6(2),p.142-54.en_US
dc.subjectMyotonin proteinen_US
dc.subjectKinase geneen_US
dc.titleDistribution and evolution of CTG repeats at the myotonin protein kinase gene in human populationsen_US
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