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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Liberalization's impact on the indian seed industry:competition,research and impact on farmersPray, C; Ramaswami, Bharat
Apr-2001Essays in Indian corporate financeVinay, K V S
Apr-2004Patterns of ethnic, linguistic, and geographic heterogeneity of palmar interdigital ridge counts in the Indian subcontinentReddy, B Mohan; Demarchi, D A; Bharati, S; Kumar, Vikrant; Crawford, Michael H
Dec-2005Asymmetric and diversity of dermatoglyphic traits : population comparision in five endogamous groups of West Bengal, IndiaKarmakar, B; Malkin, L; Kobyliansky, E
25-Aug-2001Indian ports and globalization : grounding economics in geographyGhosh, Buddhadeb; De, Prabir
2005Age trends of sibling resemblance for height, weight and BMI during growth in a mixed longitudinal sample from Sarsuna-Barisha , IndiaRebato, E; Salces, I; Saha, R; Sinha, M; Susanne, C; Houspie, R C; Dasgupta, P
2004Interethnic comparisions of three endoganous groups of West BengalSengupta, M; Karmakar, B
2004Interethnic comparisions of three endogamous groups of West Bengal with respect to two sets of variablesSengupta, M; Karmakar, B
1-Mar-2002Taphonomy of some gondwana vertebrate assemblages of IndiaBandyopadhyay, Saswati; Roy Chowdhury, Tapan K; Sengupta, Dhurjati Prasad
2001Genomic structure and population histories of linguistically distinct tribal groups of IndiaRoychoudhury, S; Roy, S; Basu, A; Banerjee, R; Vishwanathan, H; Usha Rani, M V; Sil, Samir K; Mitra, M; Majumder, Partha P