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xvii, 676 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm. - (Challenges and advances in computational chemistry and physics ; 1) Content notes : 1. Microscopic Theory of Nonlinear Optics --
2. Accurate Nonlinear Optical Properties for Small Molecules --
3. Determination of Vibrational Contributions to Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties --
4. SOS Methods in Calculations of Electronic NLO Properties --
5. Kohn-Sham Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory with Applications to Linear and Nonlinear Properties --
6. Non-Linear Pulse Propagation in Many-Photon Active Isotropic Media --
7. Collective and Cooperative Phenomena in Molecular Functional Materials --
8. Multiconfigurational Self-Consistent Field-Molecular Mechanics Response Methods --
9. Solvatochromism and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Donor-Acceptor -Conjugated Molecules --
10. Symmetry Based Approach to the Evaluation of Second Order NLO Properties of Carbon Nanotubes --
11. Atomistic Molecular Modeling of Electric Field Poling of Nonlinear Optical Polymers --
12. Nonlinear Optical Properties of Chiral Liquids --
13. Recent Progress in Molecular Design of Ionic Second-order Nonlinear Optical Materials --
14. Characterization Techniques of Nonlinear Optical Materials --
15. Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Response of Metal Nanoparticles --
16. From Dipolar to Octupolar Phthalocyanine Derivatives: The Example of Subphthalocyanines --
17. NLO Properties of Metal Alkynyl and Related Complexes --
18. Ruthenium Complexes as Versatile Chromophores with Large, Switchable Hyperpolarizabilities --
19. Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Selected Rotaxanes and Catenanes --
20. Second Harmonic Generation from Gold and Silver Nanoparticles in Liquid Suspensions -- Nonlinear optics. Physical and theoretical chemistry. Chemistry - Mathematics. Mathematical physics. Materials science. Sadlej, Andrzej J.,Leszczynski, Jerzy,

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