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vi, 274 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm. - (Contemporary mathematics ; 695) Content notes : Generalizations of $Q$-systems and orthogonal polynomials from representation theory / Darlayne Addabbo and Maarten Bergvelt -- Some applications and constructions of intertwining operators in Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory / Dražen Adamović and Antun Milas -- Kac-Moody groups and automorphic forms in low dimensional supergravity theories / Ling Bao and Lisa Carbone -- The Lusztig-Macdonald-Wall polynomial conjectures and $q$-difference equations / Kathrin Bringmann, Karl Mahlburg and Antun Milas -- Uniqueness of representation-theoretic hyperbolic Kac-Moody groups over $\mathbb $ / Lisa Carbone and Frank Wagner -- Coends in conformal field theory / Jürgen Fuchs and Christoph Schweigert -- Remarks on $\phi $-coordinated modules for quantum vertex algebras / Haisheng Li -- The classification of chiral WZW models by $H^4_+(BG,\mathbb )$ / André Henriques -- Some open problems in mathematical two-dimensional conformal field theory / Yi-Zhi Huang -- On realization of some twisted toroidal Lie algebras / Naihuan Jing, Chad R. Mangum and Kailash C. Misra -- Twisted generating functions incorporating singular vectors in Verma modules and their localizations, I / James Lepowsky and Jinwei Yang -- Characterization of the simple Virasoro vertex operator algebras with 2 and 3-dimensional space of characters / Yusuke Arike, Kiyokazu Nagatomo and Yuichi Sakai -- Quasiconformal Teichmüller theory as an analytical foundation for two-dimensional conformal field theory / David Radnell, Eric Schippers and Wolfgang Staubach -- Centralizing the centralizers / A. M. Semikhatov -- On Neeman's gradient flows / Nolan R. Wallach -- Vertex operator algebras - Congresses. Representations of algebras - Congresses. Jurisich, Elizabeth,Milas, Antun,Misra, Kailash,

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