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_bIOS Press
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111 2 _aNATO Advanced Research Workshop on Large-Scale Victimization Due to Protracted Conflicts as a Potential Source of Terrorist Activities and Regaining Security in Post-Conflict Societies
_d(2004 :
_cZagreb, Croatia)
245 1 0 _aLarge-scale victimisation as a potential source of terrorist activities
_h[electronic resource] :
_bimportance of regaining security in post-conflict societies /
_cedited by Uwe Ewald, Ksenija Turkovi�c.
260 _aWashington, DC :
_bIOS Press,
300 _a1 online resource (viii, 299 p.) :
490 1 _aNATO security through science series. E, Human and societal dynamics,
_x1574-5597 ;
_vv. 13
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 _aTitle page; Preface; Contents; Large-Scale War Victimization and Terrorism; General Understanding and Victimological Research of Large-Scale Victimization; Role of the International Criminal Justice from the Perspective of Victims; Victim Assistance and Restorative Justice in Post-Conflict Societies; Necessity to Reconstruct War-Affected Communities in Order to Counter-Terrorism; Author Index.
520 _aThis publication presents a subject that is, unfortunately, as significant today as it was two years ago. Sadly, this continuing relevance seems to confirm the views of the German radical pacifist Kurt Tucholsky, who stated in response to the atrocities and sufferings of WWI: ''But men never ever learnt from history, and they will not do so in the future. Hic Rhodus!'' Recent events in Iraq, the Middle East, East Timor or the Democratic Republic of Congo, and possible links regarding issues of terrorism, raise the question what criminological and victimological research offers in assisting to.
588 _aDescription based on print version record.
650 0 _aVictims of terrorism
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_xSocial Security.
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700 1 _aEwald, Uwe.
700 1 _aTurkovi�c, Ksenija.
710 2 _aNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization.
776 0 8 _iPrint version:
_aNATO Advanced Research Workshop on Large-scale Victimisation Due to Protracted Conflicts as a Potential Source of Terrorist Activities, and Regaining Security in Post-Conflict Societies (2004 : Zagreb, Croatia).
_tLarge-scale victimisation as a potential source of terrorist activities.
_dAmsterdam ; Washington, DC : IOS Press, c2006
830 0 _aNATO security through science series.
_pHuman and societal dynamics ;
_vv. 13.
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