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_cChristian M. Ramsey.
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505 0 _aCover -- Copyright -- Contents -- About This E-Book -- Getting Started -- Why Not Pay the Tax? -- Sell Smart by Asking the Right Questions -- If Your Plan Doesn't Work -- Case Studies of Exit Strategies -- Self-Canceling Installment Notes & Private Annuity Contracts -- Like Kind Exchanges: The 1031 Exchange -- The 1042 Exchange -- 1031 Exchange into an UP-REIT -- The Private Annuity & Installment Trust -- The Charitable Remainder Trust -- The Charitable Lead Trust -- Other Types of Charitable Gifting -- Other Strategies Not Explored -- Closing Statements -- About the Author.
520 _aFor many real estate investors, especially those in currently in 'retirement', cash flow becomes king. Frequently the main challenge for a real estate investor lies in how to spend the accumulated wealth. After all, you can only mortgage out so much capital before you have a negative cash flow. The effect is called being Land Rich and Cash Poor. Ultimately, every investor has to sell or gift property at some point in time. Christian M. Ramsey, a planning specialist for property and business owners, explains many important strategies to be aware of for a real estate investor that is seeking to increase cash flow (for whatever reason) by the sale of a property or a business. With case studies, comparison charts and a working knowledge of basic rules and restrictions, this book will serve to explain all of an investor's choices when seeking to sell a highly appreciated property or business. Christian M. Ramsey has been a licensed securities representative since 1996 and has been an independent financial advisor since 1998. Currently Mr. Ramsey runs a financial planning and investment advisory business in Northern California that specializes in planning and executing the strategies discussed in this book. He is also a CA Department of Real Estate Continuing Education Provider for his class on Exit Strategies, which is taught in Northern California. Land Rich, Cash Poor is the symptom associated with owning property. Every property owner is limited by how much equity that is accessible without forcing a negative cash flow or incurring a tax liability from a sale. Christian Ramsey explains some extremely complex subject matter in an easy to understand format. Core concepts are explored with story-book explanations and side-by side comparison are offered to help an average real estate investor or professional greatly expand their knowledge on how to sell or gift property. The key concerns a property owner always faces with an investment are control, cash flow and liquidity. By giving some tips from a financial and estate planner's point of view, a reader can hone in on which of the major concerns are most important when weighed against a tax advantage, as that will ultimately drive the Exit Strategy employed. The end result is that there are dozens of ways to avoid or defer Capital Gains tax, and many of these techniques also address Estate tax, which can be far, far worse. With "Land Rich, Cash Poor" your eyes will open to a world that has fascinated me for several years. The best ways to own and control an 'Asset' and simple rules that generally allow for the sale of an appreciated property to result in double or more the cash flow previously experienced.
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