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110 2 _aUN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
245 1 _aWood Energy in the ECE Region:
_bData, Trends and Outlook in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and North America
260 _aNew York:
_bUnited Nations Publication,
300 _aix, 93p.
520 _aThe report discusses types of wood energy fuels such as firewood, sources and users, policy instruments that support and hinder use, and ways to sustainably source wood. The report also, inter alia: describes how social, economic and political trends and developments may impact on wood energy use and sustainable production; includes statistics on wood energy markets across the UNECE region; helps bridge information about the forest and energy sectors; provides information on the role of wood energy in a range of sectors to support green economy strategies; and outlines commercial wood energy uses.
650 4 _aWood energy
650 4 _aForest
650 4 _aWood - Combustion
650 4 _aForest productivity
650 4 _aGreen economy
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_aAguilar Francisco X
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856 1 _uhttps://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/timber/publications/SP-42-Interactive.pdf
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